The true beginnings of LatoD jewellery came about through a simple game shared by sisters growing up.  As kids we used to have so much fun dressing up in the family’s jewellery, which was hidden away in the back of the big wardrobe in our parents’ room, safe from prying eyes.

Those dazzling objects, along with the stones that adorned them, had a magnetic pull such as to seem an enchanted enticement – effulgent yet forbidden.  Reflecting in the double-leaf mirror hanging on the wardrobe, those jewels seemed to multiply in an infinite, animate dream-theory all born from our childlike imagination.

This same passion for jewellery grew alongside us – it was nourished, refined – and finally became something more; research, knowledge, and plans. Our professional careers had been somewhat led in different directions having focused on architecture, art history and design up to the moment we decided that our two diverse paths could once again be reunited, returning to that beautiful game from our childhood, that game championing beauty you can wear and always have with you.

When we received our first work counter as a gift from our dear uncle, in his own right an expert goldsmith, it was too an invitation and a pledge…. a new beginning.

Since that day, each of our creations is the result of an unending quest to find the jewel that has yet to be found, the one we’ve yet to unearth that so desperately wants to exist and that we so deeply covet.

The choice of using a polyhedron gives a greater sense of belonging to our brand, because it represents the multi-faceted language that characterises us most completely. It can give life to eclectic projects and heterogeneous visions of art which are brought to life working side-by-side with crafty artisans and their time-tested techniques, mixing classical and contemporary aesthetics, traditional and innovative materials, all with the purpose of adorning every routine action with the simplicity, style and touch of irony that are necessary in today’s world.